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poker hat

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Was: $19.99
Now: $16.50
One Size Fits Most
6 Panel Construction
Pre Curved Bill
Velcro Closure
3 stiching locations

Dear High Hand Designs,

I have a terrible poker face, but I always get teased for wearing my shades during my local $1-$2 limit game. What can I do?


Nervous on the Button


Unless you are playing for more than lunch money, we would make fun of you too. But, we can help you. Why don't you try wearing one of our great poker caps the next time you play? This 6 panel hat features a pre curved bill and stitching in three different locations. They not only look good, but can easily be pulled down to cover your sweating brow and darting eyes.

Bonus: It will also cover up that expanding bald spot, which might cut down on the ''nice hand Rogain'' comments.

Good Luck,


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