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Frequently Asked Questions about our Affiliate Program

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?
No! Joining the HighHandDesigns.com affiliate program is completely free. Absolutly no fees.

Can I join if I am located outside the United States?
Yes. We accept affiliates from around the world.

Does my Website Qualify?
We accept all types of websites and will normally approve or disapprove your site within 48 hours. However, we retain the right to deny your site. For example, we do not accept sites that: Promote Violence, Discrimination, illegal activities, or is deemed by use and an inappropriate site. We reserve the right to deny a site at any time.

Are your images copyrighted? Can I display them on my site?
Of course you can. Our images are copyrighted, but it is perfectly legal for you to display them as long as they are used as affiliate links or in association with our program.

LINKS: How do I build links?
It is very easy. We have created a large selection of banners, text links, text ads, and email links that you can simply cut and paste onto your website. Once logged into your account just look on the left column and select to view the type of link (banner/text/email) that you would like. The code for your personal account is already built in.

LINKS: Do I have to use your pre-set links? Can I make my own?
Of course you can. You know your site better than we do. If there is a secific product, product group, angle you would like to use you can create your own ads and banners. Just make sure to use your standard linking code to get credit for the traffic. This can be found on your main account page. If you have any questions about code or custom links, please let us know.

LINKS: What are your top 3 pieces of advice for success?
Every web page is different but here are our current top three suggestion that seem to work for most pages.

Suggestion #1
1. Place links, banners on your home page or high traffic pages when possible. You can not expect to make any sales by placing affiliate links on general link pages, and other low traffic pages.

Suggestion #2
2. Incorporate the products into your page content. Use an image to make a point or a joke. Use images to accent articles or blog entries. Write a product rewiew. Just remember to attach your linking code to all images or plugs.

Suggestion #3
3. For those pages that do not have existing shopping carts. Build an entire page around each of our categories (like a store page) showing all products and prices. Link all these with your affilate linking code. This not only helps you convert more sales, but building more pages and content will only help your site in general as search enginge LOVE content.

LINKS: How can I make sure my links are working?
Just click on them. Then give the system up to one day to update. Log into your account and view incomming traffic. If working correctly you should see all your click recorded in your traffic report.

TRACKING: How do I know if I have made any sales?
To check sales or any of your account statistics, simply log into your account and select the type of report you would like to see from the left column. You can view your payment history, pending commisions, current sales, and traffic reports.

TRACKING: How do you track sales from my website?
We use a specif "webiste/tracking ID" for your site that is built into all the links you get from us to use in your campaign. This allows us to identify all traffic and sales coming from your links.

TRACKING: What if somebody clicks on a product link, but then purchases a different item?
The commision is still good. Once a visitor comes from your site, you get credit for anything that they purchase.

TRACKING: What if a visitor uses my link, does not buy anything, but comes back to your site a week later on their own and makes a purchase?
Common question. The great news is that we track visits for 30 days. You get credit if somebody you referred makes a purchase from our site up to 30 days after they click on your link.

PAYMENT: How much do I get paid?
You will recieve 15% of all sales. (excuding shipping, handling, and tax)

PAYMENT: When do I get paid?
You get paid monthly. You can get paid via paper check or paypal. Payment are made on the 1st of every month once your commisions reach the minimum amount. The minimum amount is $25.00.

OTHER: Can I buy products through my own links?
You can. Feel free to make all your purchases through your own links and you will get the comission on these sales.

OTHER: I sell poker apparel and decor. Can I still be an affiliate?
You sure can.

OTHER: What affiliate software do you use?
We think we have hit the jackpot, with our affiliate software. Loaded full of features, easy to install, free program upgrades for life, and only $99, no recurring fees! It is from IdevDirect - feel free to check them out.

OTHER: What if my question is not answered here?
Please contact us at affiliates @ highanddesigns.com with any other questions or help you need. (please remove the spaces in email address)

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